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Feb.10, 2010


Re: Target in 2010 


Dear all staff in ACE,

Thank you very much for your hard work!

The year of 2009 will be over soon, under the circumstances of financial crisis, we still achieved satisfying results through the joint efforts of all ACE staff. Our sales in 2009 increased 15% and operating income increased 12% compared with that in 2008. To sum up, we finished our work successfully.


Look forward to 2010, the market is still unstable, and the competition will become more intense and cruel. We must continuously improve quality and service. Everyone in ACE should do his work more seriously and carefully.


We should try our best to increase sales by 15%, and increase operating income by 12% in the new year.

At last, I, on behalf of Tianjin ACE Container Parts Co., Ltd, sincerely thank you very much!


Take my regards to your families.


Yours faithfully

ACE Container & Parts Co., Limited
General Manager: Li Xiang