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Date: Oct. 15th, 2010

Re: A&V Checked


In order to open up the international markets further, we are very glad to cooperate with Alibaba and hope to become a Golden supplier.

As requested by alibaba, all information for the Golden supplier must be A&V Checked. A&V Checked Suppliers are suppliers who have passed authentication and verification inspection by as well as a third-party verification service provider. All legal business licenses and contact persons are verified for those who have been A&V Checked.

Oct. 15th, we are very glad to past the A&V Checked. And happy to become a Golden supplier soon.


Below are some introductions of ACP:

Over the past 25 years, ACP has developed and launched a wide range of successful business information products, databases and publications. During this period, our organization's Customer Support services team, has gained a significant insight as to corporate customer requirements worldwide.

Based on this feedback ACP identified that one of the most sought after business information products missing from the range of information products, was the ability for on-line subscribers to cost-effectively request a wide range of checks on the status of both corporates and individuals worldwide.

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